why we started Arctic Circle Classic

In July 2012 Lonely Planet wrote the following sentenses about Norway on lonelyplanet.com: “Norway is a once-in-a-lifetime destination and the essence of its appeal is remarkably simple: this is one of the most beautiful countries on earth”.

I agree. And how can I help visitors to get a taste of this country and its nature elements without doing like all the others? I do not want to sell nature like it was a mediterranean beach, cause it isn’t! I want to offer the real thing to real people. ACC will not spray makeup on your adventures and your memories. Forget it! You will have what the nature desides to give to you. It might be 25 degrees celsius and sun from clear sky, or 25 degrees below zero and the sky filled with northern light. But it might also be storm, wind from north, or rain all day and night. Than, how could Lonely Planet write what they did? Had they only experienced Norway in perfect conditions? No! They hadn’t, but they saw and felt the beauty no matter what kind of colour the nature was given that day. This is why we started Arctic Circle Classic.

Big thanks to all of our partners. To Spiren design and photo for creative web-work. To Birmingham Small Arms for making those wonderful classic motorcycles (B.S.A). To all of my friends who keep helping me with all this old-fashion mechanic works. And most of all thank you to the Arctic nature who makes this possible.

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