ACC Museum


The 1th May 2016 the ACC became Arctic Circle Classic motorcycle museum!

ACC does no longer rent out old motorcycles, but if you pay our mc-museum a visit we will gladely tell you about all this secret places in the area around the Arctic Circle. We can also guide you to alle this places. Goosebump guaranties!

The museum also contain a very great world war II exhibition.

Choose from several recommended guided motorcycle tours covering a variety of different scenery from the breathtaking Svartisen glacier to the majestic Solvågtind mountain, from the unspoilt scenery of the Melfjorden fjords to the ancient road thru Junkerdalen canyon. Join us as we ride classic bikes up to the Arctic-Circle visitor centre at the top of Saltfjellet mountain or take a long one day trip to see the strongest tidal current in the world – the Saltstraumen current. Frequent stops are made on all of our tours for sightseeing, refreshments, and photo opportunities. Actual riding times are approximately from 2 hours and up to 9 hours on carefully selected roads. The traffic level in the areas countryside is in general very light and far away from what one might be used to in the big cities of Europe. We ride at your own pace and we will enjoy the view! If we are lucky we will see some of the European rare animals/birds who still exist in the Norwegian nature, like the white tailed sea-eagle who is the northern Europes largest eagle.

When riding oldtimers in a breathtaking arctic nature, the stops are as important as the rides. When contacting us you will get a list of activities/sceneries/museums/etc and from this list we will arrange the guided tour from your request. The tours length can be from only a few hours up to several days. Please make a wish, and we will put together the perfect adventure for you.