ACC Museum


The 1th May 2016 the ACC became Arctic Circle Classic motorcycle museum!

ACC does no longer rent out old motorcycles, but if you pay our mc-museum a visit we will gladely tell you about all this secret places in the area around the Arctic Circle. We can also guide you to alle this places. Goosebump guaranties!

The museum also present a very great world war II exhibition.

The Arctic Circle Classic museum for vintage motorcycles present a variety of motorcycles picked out from the biggest collection of vintage motorcycles in the northern part of Norway. From the oldest known motorcycle in north of Norway, the 1910 Fabrique nationale de Herstal (FN) to nowadays more common 1985 Honda. But still, the main core in the collection/exhibition is motorcycles from the second world war, and up to late 50`s.

Several of the vintage motorcycles has partisipated in different movies and tv-series.

Also some unique bikes who probably never will be restored due to their rarity or due to how they have been transformed into other kinds of vehicles in the post war period (bikes became tractors etc).

Together with other related items from the variety of time periods the bikes is presented in an exciting environment that is aimed at everyone in the family. Toys, photoes, juke box, etc..

Not to mention our popular museum shop.