About us


Welcome to Arctic Circle Classic, a family business run by BennySætermo. Located in Mo i Rana, just below the arctic circle.

Benny have been collecting vintage motorcycles his whole life and have amassed over 15 machines over the years. Models from the period between 1925-1960. Most of them is shown to the ACC visitors together with our local little museum.

“I want to give other vintage motorcycle enthusiasts the opportunity to ride a real oldtimer through one of the planets most breathtaking arctic landscape! I want to bring goosebumps to the people”-

-Benny Sætermo

We specifically selected our bikes for Arctic Circle Classic as they are ideally suited to the type of motorcycling in this northern part of the world. The bikes you can choose from are mostly single cylinder machines from the 50’s, which are tremendous fun to ride, and on the roads they give you the touch and the sound of living ledgends. Live nostaliga!